We could not possibly be happier than we are with Midnight! He has become a huge part of our family and is loved by all that meet him! He is sweet, loving, intelligent, and lives for play time! Jeff was spectacular and we look forward to welcoming a new Soggy Acres member to our family in 2013!
Daniel & Amanecer Noah, Pleasant Prairie, WI
Got my Lola Belle from the May 2010 Libby/Rommel litter and I couldn’t be happier. She is the best pup ever, I keep waiting for “it” (where she is a terror) to happen and it still hasn’t. In 11 months, she hasn’t destroyed a single thing that wasn’t hers to destroy and she hasn’t needed to be crated in months. Excellent disposition and a gorgeous black girl too, I am forever a Soggy faithful.


Jen Nellessen, Antioch, IL
Thanks for the great service! I really like the 2 Derby Doubles I received from you. These are probably the best training tools a person could have. I will be looking forward to purchasing more items down the road.

Thanks again.

Andy Samuels
The family loves the Lab we got from Soggy Acres! What a great companion!

Thank you!

Bill Jones
We have a three year old chocolate male from Soggy Acres who is healthy, athletic, sweet and handsome. He is exceptional with our young children and a good training partner for my racing husband. We have found the Soggy Acres owner to be very knowledgeable and available for advice. We have kenneled our lab at Soggy Acres several times; it’s his favorite vacation destination. We couldn’t be happier with our experience with Soggy Acres.
Susan Jebsen
The best Labrador retrievers for the couch or field!!!! Our dog is fantastic at both hunting and being our family’s best friend. My sister is now a proud Soggy Acres owner too.


Chad Kilton
I have been taking my 7 month old out hunting and she got her first retrieve this young.

Pretty pumped, I’m Soggy for life!!!

Derek Wakefield, Sheboygan
We didn’t get Buster from Soggy Acres (because we didn’t know about them in 2006), but he loves staying there when we go on vacation. They treat him as if he were their own dog.
Dave Mathes
My husband and I and our son bought two black labs (brothers) from Soggy Acres @ 3 years ago and we have been very happy with them. They have done hunting and are also wonderful house pets also.
Susan and Gary Wegner, Muskego WI
We got our lab, Cody, from Soggy Acres about a year and a half ago. He is the most adorable, handsome, athletic, happy, outgoing dog ever! We love him to death and he is an amazing addition to our family!!!
Katie Garibaldi
I brought my six month old English Cocker Spaniel, Freckles, to Soggy Acers to be trained. Jeff was very friendly and an amazing person to work with. Everytime we would go out to visit her we would get to see her progress and everytime we would see a huge improvment in her. She is now a hunting machine! Thank you so much to Jeff and everyone at Soggy Acers for their continued patience and wisdom!
Norman Payson
Scout’s doing great!! Loves his new home and sleeps awesome for us at night..staying healthy and I swear he’s already grown since he’s been here! Justin and I just want to say thanks a lot for such a sweet puppy; he was just what we wanted =)
Ericka Spieker
I’m SO happy to have a soggy dog!!! 🙂
Courtney Westfal
Sassy is such a wonderful addition to our family. She is smart and sweet and loves to hunt. She is soggy from our pond from the time the ice is off and until it freezes hard again! We love our Sassafrass, thank you Jeff & boys.
Lodesky family, Gurnee, IL
I bought a dog from SoggyAcres last year. The puppy has made a great addition to our family. It has ran in several hunting competitions and is moving up the line for multiple certifications. Soggy Acres is a professional breeding program and they maintain a well kept kennel. I’ll recommend this program and kennel to all my friends and family.
Shelley Baskett