At Soggy Acres Retrievers, we’ve worked for the past two decades to create a Labrador Retriever breeding program that’s second to none, not just in the State of Wisconsin, but nationally.  We aren’t “hobbyist” breeders dabbling in the industry: creating excellent breeding stock is our full-time job.  We understand genetics and have used our background to create our own bloodlines, with a focus on creating a Labrador Retriever with an excellent temperament, solid drive in the field, and an AKC-standard appearance.

The dams of Soggy Acres Retrievers all have excellent pedigrees, all sired by Master Hunt-titled dogs.

The average weight of our female labrador retrievers ranges from 50-55 pounds to the low 60-pound range, which meets the AKC standard for a female Labrador Retriever.  All have beautiful domed heads and gently curved muzzles.  They are neither too “leggy” nor too squat.  All of our females have passed OFA certification for hips and eyes before a breeding is ever contemplated.

Each female is placed in a pre-selected home where she is carefully monitored for temperament, drive, and appearance in her first two years before being officially admitted to the Soggy Acres breeding program.