2017-2018 Retriever Training with the Crew from SportingDog Adventures TV!

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Labrador Training | Soggy Acres Retrievers

Looking for guidance in training your gundog? Soggy Acres Retrievers is now accepting dogs into their training academy!!

We take in no more than 10 dogs at a time, with the first classes typically start March 1st each year and subsequent classes starting soon thereafter. A $250 deposit is required to hold a spot in the training program.  The program is a 3 month residential program. Because we want to dedicate the most time possible to each dog in order to produce quality results, we take no more than 10 dogs per training course.  We highly recommend you deposit as soon as you can: spots fill up extremely quickly!

Please click here to go to our Training Deposit form once you have decided to work with us!

Your dog will be trained with the same methods that have led to the great success of the dogs of Soggy Acres Retrievers on the hit TV show SportingDog Adventures!! Below is an outline of the training course for your future gun dog:

Course Outline

Basic Obedience

  • Sit, Here, Kennel and Down Commands
  • Use of Whistle Commands

Force Fetch

  • Table work
  • Walking Fetch
  • Stick Fetch
  • Collar Fetch

E-Collar Conditioning

  • E-collar introduction using the sit and force to pile
  • Re-enforcement of obedience commands
  • Usage of ecollar in the field during hunting situations


  • Simple land marks
  • Simple water marks
  • Long Single Marks on both land and water

Upland Hunting

  • Quarter/Flush Drills
  • Mock Hunt


A completed training contract and proof of current vaccinations are required to enroll. Course cost $850 per month plus 5.5% sales tax.  Monthly fee INCLUDES the cost of birds.

To register call 262.215.9683 or fill out our contact form here.

Train your dog with the crew from Soggy Acres and the new hit TV show SportingDog Adventures!!