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Jeff Fuller is the ONLY dog breeder and Cabela’s Brand Ambassador.
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Dogs must be at least (4) months of age for the 2-week obedience class and at least (6) months of age for the 3-week Obedience Plus E-Collar class.

Dogs must be at least (6) months to begin the gun dog training course (3 month program).

Yes! Getting your dog ready for the field depends on two main things: your dog’s innate desire and the quality of training put into him/her. Regardless of your dog’s age, we would be happy to assess your dog and give you our opinion of his/her ability to be trained for the field.
No and no. For gun dog training, we will train any dog that shows drive. We have trained a variety of dogs, including mixed breeds. We do reserve the right to decline training and/or boarding of any dog.
We require a completed training contract as well as proof of current vaccinations.
  • The Basic Obedience Plus E-Collar program is a 2-week residency; the Obedience Plus E-Collar program is 3 weeks.
  • Gun dog training is a 3-month minimum commitment, with a three month program offering proven efficiency and performance consistency over shorter programs.
  • Puppy Potty Training is one month.

soggy-acres-retrievers-desert-fox-MHWe have been working with dogs since 1998. We have tried a variety of approaches and have networked with many different trainers to get their takes on training. Our current methodology is designed to yield the best results for your money. We believe that any training program of shorter duration yields dogs that look great…initially. In the end, the time commitment we require ensures that we cover all aspects of the program thoroughly and that the dog has adequate repetition to commit the skills to memory.

The Basic Obedience Plus E-Collar Course (2 week) is $400 plus 5.5% sales tax; the 3-week Obedience Plus E-Collar Course is $500 plus 5.5% sales tax. The Gun Dog Training sequence is a 3-month minimum commitment for $850 per month plus 5.5% sales tax. Gun dog training costs includes pet food and birds; costs not included are outlined in the contract (i.e. flea/tick medicine, heartworm medicine.)

Please note that we require a deposit on training and that deposits are non-refundable.

At Soggy Acres, we believe the owner is an integral part of the dog’s success. We will ask that you, based upon your distance from our facility, join us every 1-2 weeks to show you what we have worked on with your dog. It’s great if we can get your dog to perform, but it’s far more important that you can do it!
No. Our dog training programs all have “residency” requirements, ranging from a few weeks to a few months. We found that seminar-type workshops were not only nearly impossible to coordinate with busy schedules, but that they just didn’t yield long-term, impressive results. Proper training takes a considerable time commitment, so we now only offer the training courses as described above.

We accept no more than 10 dogs per gun dog course.  We run approximately three sessions/ courses per year.

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