The Soggy Acres property was purchased with the single minded purpose of creating a haven for dogs.

Sitting on 23 acres of certified wetland in Delavan, Wisconsin, the Soggy Acres property offers a wonderful combination of terrain for training dogs, as well as for recreating. Over 5 acres of ponds on the land, including flooded timber, makes for great practice of water retrieves. And canines and humans alike appreciate a cool dip during the summer heat waves. The property also boasts natural grasses, pines, and swamp.

Our indoor facilities include two kennel buildings, one dedicated to whelping dogs and puppies, the other to boarding and training dogs. The “Puppy Kennel” was built out in 2013 and includes all new kennels, walls, and cement. Both kennels are fully heated and air conditioned. The kennel buildings have their own septic system separate from the residence, recently upgraded in 2013. The Puppy Kennel has a washing station with hot and cold water where pups are regularly bathed. The original kennel building has two large dog runs, in addition to the individual dog runs. All dogs in for training and boarding are given plenty of quality time outdoors in the large runs to get their exercise and have fun.

Soggy Acres Retrievers
Soggy Acres Retrievers Training Ponds | Soggy Acres Retrievers
Soggy Acres Retrievers